Quick Leveling

Foundation Packing

PAT design registration obtained

Easy leveling and overwhelming ventilation performance

Adjustment plate not required. Simply rotate to adjust the height.

■ Easy leveling
Simply rotate Relevel to adjust level of the top end.
Height adjustable, adjustment plate not required, equipped with height scale
※ Adjustable between 0 – 5 mm
■ Excellent ventilation
Round-shaped for excellent air flow
■ Packing is hardly misaligned
Holes for anchor bolts are so small that misalignment hardly occurs during earthquakes. (Supports eccentricity)
■ No wastes
There is no excess or deficiency of adjustment plate since none is required. The exclusive insect repellent grille can be bent or cut, so there is no waste.
■ Other
It can be used for level adjustment of heavy goods!