Protecting Homes from Earthquakes and Wind Pressures

The earthquake-resistant washer


Tightnik prevents degradation in strength of earthquake resistance due to deterioration over time. Installation is so simple; just insert it into the bolt and fix it with a nut.
(Retightening is not required)

The only one in the world, patented in Japan, US, China and other countries.

■ It will be tightened following clearance generated by thinned wood.
The built-in magic rings will be pressed by the springs, pulling the bolts, and the magic rings keep the bolts tight.
■ Tightened by vibration
The magic ring converts vibrations caused by earthquakes, wind during typhoons and motor vehicles to the tightening force, so the structure will not be loosened and the house stays shake-resistant.
■ Gentle to the wood and humans
Light clamping yet resistant to a great force.