T-Balance automatically stabilizes
table wobbles without a touch.

Eliminate table wobbles.
You can be enjoying yourself at a cafe or restaurant when your table will not stay put,
spilling your food and drinks and completely ruining the moment.
We believe that in order to enjoy a good meal and drink with good conversation,
it is most important that the table environment be adjusted.
The 100% JAPAN IDEA T-balance is a new product to serve you that automatically stabilizes 、
without a touch of the hand.
The T-Balance automatically stabilizes table wobbliness without a touch.

T-balance images

【 Product characteristics】
Compatible with textured flooring such as terra cotta and wooden materials and automatically adjusts itself with no need to touch it.

【Installation 】
Remove the adjuster screw mounted on the table with a standard 8mm table adjuster and simply replace it. (For custom adjuster sizes, please consult us.)

【Feature specs 】
・Supporting table weight: 9~30kg
・Level difference support: ±3mm to horizontal
・Adjuster screw size: 8mm, 6mm, 3/8in, 5/16in
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