The product that fixes “wobbly” tables.
When you are at a café or restaurant, you don’t want an uneven table to spoil your fun time just because it wouldn’t hold your food or drink properly.
We think that the most important thing is to create the environment around the table that allows people to enjoy great food or drinks and conversations.
It automatically stabilizes wobbly tables without touching. T.balance, 100% genuine Japanese product proposes a new way of hospitality.

■ It’s easy to use!
It can be replaced easily by removing
the adjuster screws fixed to the table.
■ The idea is
100% Japanese
[Product features]
It is compatible with floor materials such as terra-cotta and wood-based materials, and it adjusts the gap automatically without having to touch the floor materials. It is hydraulic so that it is stable and superior in load-carrying capacity.
[Functional specifications]
  • ・Compatible table weights: 9 – 30 kg
  • ・Compatible gaps: ±3 - ±5 mm to the horizontal direction
  • ・Adjuster screw sizes: 8 mm, 6 mm, 3/8 inch, 5/6 inch